The various business formats available at Mail Boxes Etc are Master Licensee, Area Franchise, Individual or Multiple Franchisee. Find your place in the world: discover the franchising opportunities Mail Boxes Etc. offers.

Master licensee

Here you have the exclusive right to lead and develop the growth of a Mail Boxes Etc. network in one or more countries.

The Master Licensee, referred to as Master Franchise, acts as the Mail Boxes Etc. head office for their territory and are responsible for adapting the Mail Boxes Etc. concept to the local reality, opening and running the pilot store, fostering harmony amongst affiliates and providing support for all affiliate locations. More

Area Franchisee

Take an active part in the growth and development of the Mail Boxes Etc network in a certain geographic area. The Area Franchisee works in close contact with the Master Licensee, who helps with local affiliation activities. The Area Franchisee, who in turn also owns and operates one or more MBE stores, provides physical support and on-going assistance to the affiliates in their area. More


The franchisee owns and runs a Mail Boxes Etc. store in their city. The affiliates receive specialized training and support from the Master Licensee and Area Franchisee, who are well versed in the specific nature and traits of the local market. Mail Boxes Etc. offers the most highly qualified affiliates the chance to become a Multi Affiliate and therefore open two or more Mail Boxes Etc. stores. More

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The MBE stores are run by independent entrepreneurs who operate under the MBE brand as a result of a franchising contract. Services in the affiliated stores could vary from location to location. MBE and Mail Boxes Etc. are registered trademarks, licensed by permission from MBE Worldwide s.p.a. All rights reserved.

I Centri MBE sono gestiti da imprenditori indipendenti che operano sotto il marchio MBE per effetto di un contratto di franchising. I servizi nei Centri affiliati possono variare a seconda dei punti vendita. MBE e Mail Boxes Etc. sono Marchi registrati e utilizzati per concessione di MBE Worldwide s.p.a. Tutti i diritti sono riservati

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