Our product and services

Pack & Ship

MBE customers entrust us to ship something from one place in the world to another: from origin to pick-up, packaging, carrier choice, documentation, communications, insurance/liability coverage, tracking, delivery confirmation and problem management. MBE, in its capacity as a third-party logistics operator, contracts with transportation carriers, including leading international express couriers to local couriers, to handle deliveries of packages, documents, valuables, personal items, fragile goods, consumables, temperature-controlled goods, global freight, etc.

Graphic Design & Print

People and businesses depend on print medium for communication materials ranging from simple business cards to complex marketing creations. From design to production to delivery, MBE meets varied print requirements by providing customized local solutions balancing volume, time, cost and quality. Digital and offset print needs are completed either directly in an MBE Center or through external print partners. Graphic creativity is supplied by qualified specialists.

Retail Logistics Services

MBE’s worldwide network serves companies seeking high-level customer interface in the often-critical “last-mile” of the B2B, B2C and/or C2B “production transport delivery return commercial life-cycle”. The combination of owner-driven business mentality and first-class-customer-service, especially for lower scale logistics volumes, is MBE’s competitive advantage.

Postal Services

MBE’s mailboxes and postal services (including receiving, forwarding and managing routine mail, packages, faxes and other communications) give businesses and consumers the ability to have their company or private postal-related needs managed by professionals.

Other Services and Products

MBE offers a portfolio of ancillary products and services (money transfer, computer and office supplies, print accessories, fax services, etc.) which deliver ease and efficiency to customers’ daily lives.

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