Franchising is a powerful distribution system that offers small companies to develop and prosper in the face of fierce competition, teaming up the economies of scale of big organizations with the initiative, dedication and commitment of individual business owners. To open a franchise business one buys a (franchise) license and becomes a franchisee.

The Mail Boxes Etc. business model offers three different types of licenses: master license, area franchise and individual franchise.Mail Boxes Etc. also extends to qualified franchisees the chance to buy multiple licenses and therefore open two or more stores.

Franchising enables enterprising individuals to open their own business, without many of the risks usually associated with a company’s start-up phase. By offering a ‘tried and true’ concept, professional training and ongoing support, Mail Boxes Etc. gives franchise owners the opportunity to be independent business operators, while benefiting from the image and professionalism of one of the world’s leading franchising companies.

Master licensing is the most commonly used and effective method of expanding business systems internationally.

A Master Licensee (also known as a Master Franchisee) holds the exclusive right to develop the MBE business throughout a country or group of countries.

  • A Master Licensee (individual, group or company) has the following responsibilities to:
  • Open and operate the first MBE store in the country (pilot store).
  • Develop a strategy to suit the unique features of that country.
  • Expand the MBE network throughout the territory.
  • Provide training, guidance and support to all franchisees.

An Area Franchise holds the right to sell and support MBE franchisees in conjunction with the Master Licensee.

An Area Franchisee will generally work within a certain territory, such as a state, province, or county. Area franchise opportunities are generally limited to countries and territories with  potential larger networks. Area Franchisees also own and operate at least one MBE individual franchise.

If there is no MBE Center currently in your country, we could be planning to open one there soon. Once a local Master Licensee is in place, franchise opportunities become available. The Master Licensee has extensive knowledge of the country and creates a development plan to suit the country’s unique features and mind-set.

To learn more about franchise and Master License opportunities, please complete and submit the Inquiry For Information Form.

There are more than 1,600 MBE Centers operating in over 40 countries outside North America. The MBE concept has proven adaptable and flexible, working effectively in a wide variety of cultural and economic settings: developing countries, advanced economies and even countries in a state of transition or crisis.
MBE adjusts well internationally because it provides an extensive range of basic services to convenience-oriented businesses and consumers.

MBE pioneered the segment of business service franchising more than 30 years ago. MBE knows how to get a business open and operating effectively. With our training and support, you can spend less time making costly mistakes and more time building your business. MBE’s size and presence gives it negotiating leverage, purchasing power and collectively shared ideas and experiences which ensure you a competitive edge.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of being an MBE franchisee there are at least the 20 Reasons.

MBE complements the services of domestic postal organizations (PTT, etc.). In most countries, postal services are provided as a public or private monopoly. More importantly, many postal administrations have recognized MBE’s benefits in the area of postage stamp distribution, post parcel service and mailbox services – all without any additional cost to the government or taxpayers. MBE enjoys close alliances with some of the world’s most progressive and successful post offices.

The store start-up investment varies in relation to the different countries and to the size and location of the MBE Center. Most franchisees obtain start-up financing. MBE recommends franchisees have enough working capital on hand before starting the business.

A Master Licensee investment is significantly larger in terms of opportunity, responsibility and magnitude. The investment includes costs for purchasing master license rights, opening a pilot store, establishing and maintaining a master licensee management team and adapting MBE models and systems.

Area Franchise investments generally fall somewhere in-between the investment required for a single franchise and that of a Master License. Area Franchise investments vary depending on the size and potential of the area in question.

All the above investment guidelines are only generic estimates.

To begin the process of learning more about the actual investment required for your area of interest, please complete the Inquiry For Information Form. MBE Worldwide and / or the applicable master licensee will be happy to help you figure out the investment amount at a later stage in the process.

Many countries, banks and other financial institutions have recognized the benefits associated with franchising. A certain number of banks have developed special financing programs for franchise businesses.

In those countries where a Master Licensee exists, financial consultants are often available, sometimes even with the chance of direct financing under the portfolio of Headquarters’ support. To learn more about financing opportunities in your country, please contact MBE or the appropriate master licensee, if applicable.

Specialized training is provided at every level of the MBE business: master licensee, individual franchisee, store, multiple store franchisee, area franchisee and, of course, employees. MBE has years of valuable experience. All our training programs are designed to provide comprehensive understanding of the MBE business and the benefits of this experience. MBE provides, after an initial training program, an on-going training and development process to help each and every franchisee to succeed. Pooling knowledge and improving the skills of everyone in the network helps speed up the acquisition of know-how and revenues. Training for individual and area franchisees is provided by the master licensee, in the territory in question, in the appropriate local language.

New Master Licensees will be trained by MBE Worldwide S.p.a. in Italy (in English).

It very much depends on your city size and population. Each Mail Boxes Etc. store then is granted an exclusive area in which no other MBE store can be opened.

Depending on the specific features of your country, your Master Licensee, together with your Area Franchise, will help you find the most suitable site. They could also assist you in negotiating a leasing contract with the landlord and give you valuable advice from previous property negotiations

If you want to find out what you need to do to become a part of the MBE Network, you can simply contact us using the Inquiry For Information form. We will get back to you.
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